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Borderless Mathematics 2016 This the second meeting under the SEAMEO Basic
Education Standard Workshop Series (SEA-BES) held in RECSAM on the 11th May 2015. The purpose of this workshops is to compare (for now) six ASIAN countries Science and Mathematics Syllabuses for Primary and  Secondary. This comparison will enable teachers to see and perhaps recommend some changes in the curriculum structures so as to be more streamlined and competitive. The countries involved are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Brunei. It was indeed a very tiring job looking at each item from each country and see how each country structured their curriculum.
At the moment, the SEA BES meeting has been continuing for the 5th time. It is clearer now that our aim now is to come up with a common core syllabus from all the ASIAN Countries. Whereby perhaps SEAMEO RECSAM can recommends it to the ASIAN ministry that these are the minimum required syllabus in ASIA. This project will continue until next year 2016. I would like to thank personally all the Guru Cemerlang Pulau Pinang and our Host SEAMEO RECSAM for giving us the opporunity to expand our horizon especially in this area. Thank you to the Pengarah, Timbalan Pengarah, Dom, Dr. Razali and all the guru cemerlang.
Starting from 2016, I will be introducing a new way of teaching Mathematics. This new approach enables user to interact with the website elements using their mobile. As a matter of fact, it can be use for any devices that has a touch screen. With a touch screen, one can rotate, drag, drop and enlarge the objects at will. Just like using an andriod cellphone. This method is especially useful in analysing the flow of thoughts of students. As teachers, we would like to know how they think and why they think like this or like that. It is very good to discover their weakness and why their lack of understanding. It has been used in my class and has proven successful. At the moment I have created four exercises in my website.
Please try it and do let me know what you think.
Exercise1  Exercise2  Exercise3  Exercise4  Exercise5
Please Note: When first open all the open are all jumbled up. This is to represents the mind of a student when it first look at the questions. Confused and Lost.

Dr. Kong SL who is now the Naib YDP 2015/2016 and the secretary Miss Maggie who took the picture.
It was a very big surprise for me during the Guru Cemerlang 10th AGM meeting at the JPN Seminar room on 30th October 2014. Our Dato' Pengarah JPN, Dato' Haji Osman B Hussain turned out to be my MBS teacher and my co-panel in the DG48 PTK Public Speaking Exam a few years ago. It is really a small world indeed.
Dato' Haji Osman recognizes me at once and remembered everything; even the name of the headmaster of MBS then. I was so proud then, as this is a two points up for my Alma Mater MBS. Just imagine, MBS not only has nurtured many towering personalities in the past. But now! A director of the Penang Education Department (Jusa C) and a Gred Khas C who was a student of MBS before. Dato' Pengarah taught us so many things and I am awed by his immense knowledge. The Acronym of S.T.E.A.K. AIR, R.E.A.L man were some of the treasures he shared. Bravo! to our Dato' Pengarah. Dr. Hj Mohd Nazari, Ketua Sektor Pengurusan Akademik was there too. He too has taught us about Action Research. Dr Hj M Nazari  is the icon of Action Research.

Borderless School!

This year 2015, Penang Free School was appointed to be the SEAMEO borderless school (2015 - 2020). I would like to thank my 4F boys (2014) for their help to make this program a success. In 2015, more lesson modules will be created so that students from other schools and perhaps from other countries can log-in and share what they have learned from the up-coming modules. See sample of module by clicking here. [ X ]. Please give constructive comments. Thank you.


Homework to download 13/3/2015

Important Announcements 2014

   This year, I won second placing in the Teacher    
     innovative National Award 2014 for the secondary
     category. I received the award on the 15 May 2014.
    I hope to compile and publish my innovative concept
      in the form of a book:- Still searching for the right
    I strongly believe that this innovation will be able to 
      encourage Higher Order Thinking Skills among students
      and teachers as well.

For Maths Teachers

  Schoology Programme
  Action Research Workshop
  Website workshop - Dec.
  Problem-Based Learning
  Spreadsheet workshops

If you are interested click the link above for further information.
Learning Mathematics using Spreadsheets - It encourages Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Math's Interactivity

Spreadsheets in Action

Many schools in developed countries today have one way or the other use spreadsheet as an alternative approach to teach Mathematics. However, none has ever came up with a complete syllabus to teach Additional Mathematics using Spreadsheet. Grabbing this opportunity and looking at it as a form of blue ocean strategy, I embarked into this territory since 2004 and after almost 9 years (2012) I have finally almost completed most of the modules needed to teach Additional Mathematics using spreadsheets. I am still improving on the modules and hope one day a book will be publish in Malaysia. - Another first in the world for PFS.

For Students

  Schoology Programme
  Maths Way Algebra
  Mathematical Visualizing Kit
  Graph Plotter

The links above are interactive tools which you can use.
Recent Activities Participation Needed

I attended the Authentic Learning Contexts for Action-based Problem Solving workshop by Dr. Lindsey Conners (University of Canterbury, NZ). It was indeed an eye opener as to how much more I can do to further motivates my students to learn Mathematics by relating it to real-live issues. The morning session was full of concept input while the afternoon session was hands-on. I would like to thank Dr. Lindsey, Dr. Devadason Robert Peter and all the SEAMEO RECSAM staff for this wonderful and enlightening opportunity to learn. [Click here for pictures]

8 May 2013

I need your feedback:
1. Which topics in Additional
    Mathematics you find hard to
    understand?  [Click here to poll


Formative Test 1 (UP1) Form 5 with marking scheme 2013

Mid-Year Exam P2 and Marking Scheme Form 5 (2013)

SISC program Report 2012

After months of carrying out the School Improvement Specialist Coach programme, its time to give a report to the JPN, PPD and all the other Coach about the SISC programme. I was appointed to be a Mathematics SISC Coach to a school in Penang. My job is to assist and encourage the teachers as well as the school on improvement programmes that may help the school gets better grades in the SPM
This is one of the First wave of the Government 11 shifts of
Transformation. Glad to be given a chance to be in it.

8 November 2012

I need your feedback:
1. Which topics in Additional
    Mathematics you find hard to
    understand?  [Click here to poll


Formative Test 1 (UP1) Form 5 with marking scheme 2013


  Form 5 Revision on Log and Indices.


Yokohama Frontier High School Seminar 2012

This year, I managed to bring about 47 students to the Yokohama Frontier High School, Japan Seminar held at USM.
This seminar is unique because all the participants are only 14 to 15 years old. This Japanese school is famous for teaching her students about science and mathematics through research. My students learned much from this seminar. Higher Order Thinking Skills are being cultivated here. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Rahim and Associates for this
wonderful opportunity.

25 October 2012


B.O.M. click picture

The New Board of Media
Members cleaning the Studio
getting ready for 2013

Overall Penang State Inovative Teacher 2013 Award

Praise the Lord! I not only am champion for the secondary school category Innovative award 2013 but also the overall champion for 2013 Penang State. The ceremony was held at SEAMEO RECSAM. Miss Chong, Dr. Ng and the Science and Mathematics PPDTL officer posing together with me.

National Inovative Teacher Award (Secondary Category Award)

This year, I won second placing in the Teacher Innovative National Award 2014 for the secondary School category. I received the award on the 15 May 2014. The ceremony was held at PWTC in Dewan Tuanku Abdul Rahman 2. I also have the previlige to celebrate together with others the National Teachers' Day on 16 May 2014.  I hope to compile and publish my innovative concept in the form of a book:- Still searching for a right publisher.

Concept Slides and Presentations

1. Basic concepts of composite functions (2014)

2. Logarithms and Indices games quiz (2014)

Excellent Service Award 2012 INTEL Exemplary Teacher Award 2010 Excellent Service Award 2011
APC 2011
Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang 2011 di terima daripada Dr. Hjh. Sharifah Bee bt. Aboo Bakar di USM 2012
Intel Exemplary Award 2010

Anugerah Guru Mithali Intel 2010 diterima dari
YB Dato' Asariah Bt. Mior Shaharuddin.
Details can be found in
  Click the red dot or
Guru Mutiara Cemerlang 2011

Penerima Anugerah Guru Mutiara Cemerlang 2011
Dari Negeri Pulau Pinang

I have the privilaged to join a FROG VLE bengkel from 1st July to 3rd July at PKG Tanjung Bungah. The facilitators are Mr. Abdullah Yakob and Mr. Ahmad Sahih.

Receiving a Penang State Recognitiion for the National Inovative I won earlier in 2014

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