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A little bit about myself


Greetings to you in Jesus's Name. I am David Ch'ng Yeang Soon. I graduated from University Pertanian Malaysia (Now University Putra Malaysia) in 1985 majoring in Chemistry (Industrial) and minoring in Mathematics with a degree in Education and Honours. My first posting was Sarawak and to be exact, Mukah a small fishing village in the third division, near Sibu. It was God's blessing that I was sent to Mukah. I protested in my heart at first but soon, I began to see God's will and how He built me up to be a better Christian. I faced a lot of challenges there but each time I faced problem, God is always quick to lend a helping hand.

Days changed to months and to years and before I realized it. Its time to go back to where home is. I served the people of Mukah faithfully for 5 years. I missed all my students, the good people there and most of all my school SMK Three Rivers.

I was posted to SMK Valdor, and was privileged to be the pioneer teacher for the school. I thought Amalan Bahasa Malaysia, Health Science, Additional Mathematics and Chemistry while in that school. Under the tenure of Mr. Ling Ah Chai, I was asked to be the senior assistant and then the senior assistant of administration for a while before I was transferred back to Penang Island.

My Alma Mater did not want me to serve my school. Methodist Boys' School. I approach the principal at the end of 1992 for help to get in to MBS. He responded, "Oh sure of course, come and see me in five years time!" - literally translated as "Get Lost!"
It was my cousin Mr. Ch'ng Giam Liang at that time in Penang Free School who knew that I was transferred back to the Island approached his principal (Mr. Goh Hooi Beng) and the principal phoned me and invited me to his school. (Strange is it not? That the rubbish that people threw away turns out to be a beg of GOLD) I enter serving The Grand Old Lady in 1993 under Mr. Goh Hooi Beng, and the senior assistant then was Mr. Loo Hock Guan. Now, after 19 years serving and giving my very best to Penang Free School, I have no regrets. Yes, I do love my Alma Mater as it does have it own sweet memories, but I will never go back. Penang Free School is where God wants me to serve and if God is willing and if I still have favours in the eyes of all my students, colleagues and superiors, I will continue to serve this Lady until May 2020. By the way, I am still teaching Additional Mathematics and blessed with a DG 54 status.

All in all, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank the Lord Jesus Christ
for giving me life and a great job in this world.


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