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Good class manangement is important. A teacher must be able to control his or her class well. This is only made possible if rules and regulations are set during the very first day of your class in the beginning of the year.
A typical additional mathematics class usually starts with some explanation of concepts. But a more creative teacher must also tries to varies the approach lest the students becomes bored with the the same monotonous approach.

 5 Budiman class of 2008

Students' participation in class is vital. Teachers must always adopt the student centred strategy. Here, my students are encouraged to participate in class discussions.
Teachers must involve all students so that every one is at least given a chance to contribute either in ideas through oral presentation or coming up to the front to explain their solutions.

Calculus lesson, 5 Amanah class of 2008


I am a very blessed Matematics Elective panel head. My team of teachers are all very dedicated and cooperative in every aspect.
Mr. Woo Kok Ho teaches Form 6 Mathematics T
Mr. Lim Weng Seong teaches Form 6 Mathematics T
Mr. Ng Seong Tat teaches Form 6 Mathematics S
Miss Vijaya teaches Form 5 Add. Maths
Miss Yap Shwu Yee teaches Form 5 Add Maths

First Panel Head Meetings in 2008


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