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Being in charged of the professionalism development programme and the committee of the ETeMS programme. I conducted several series of ICT courses for my colleagues. I taught them "Hot Potatoes" and some science plug-ins for Words.

 2008 Under the Head of Department Pn. Yew

The greatest moment of my life. Is to shake hands with the Ministry of Education himself when I was among the many to receive the DG 52 promotion in Pearl International Hotel, KL. It was also during my presentation of my National Conference paper 2008. (29 Oct to 1 Nov) the DG 52 award was on 30th Nov. The greatest moments was also my saddest moment as I was operated for raptured appendix on 3rd Nov at Pantai Hospital. God saved me. Thanks to Linda and Sim Suan who helped me during my bus ordeal back to Pg. (My appendix raptured on the day I received my DG 52)


I conducted a mathematics project under the CommonWeatlh good practice project, related to Water Education. 8 Jan. 2009. Thanks to Mr. Goh Seng Kar and the Form 2 A boys then who helped me with the project. The boys are now Form 5 already. Time flies.

Commonwealth Project 2009_Mandela Nelson Medal Project


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