Scaffolding The Future


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I was asked to teach my colleagues to build a website in one of the professional development session in 2009. It was a memorable event for me as so many teachers were so eager to learn. The session starts at 8.00 am and ends after 1.45 pm

 2009 Professional Development Courses

I was very privileged to lead a team of teachers in one of the professional development courses. It that session, we brain stormed and suggests several ways by which teachers can be more professional in our job descriptions. Miss Yeoh Poh Lin was our presenter and she presented very well. Well done! Poh Lin.

16 August 2009


I attended a short course conducted by Dr. Oversby from the Reading University, England concerning about action research papers. It was a very interesting and wonderful exposure for me. I learned so much from the Dr Oversby and also from Dr. Ng Khar Thoe who happens to be one of my mentor in Science Across the World (SAW)

The course was held in Al Manshoor Lelaki computer lab, 
June 2009


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