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Mr. Yamamoto was directed by the Ministry of Education Japan to observed the teaching and learning proses in Malaysia and Penang Free School was chosen by Japan. Mr. Yamamoto observed by Additional Mathematics lesson for two periods and there was an intellectual discussion before going to the principal's room to talk to Tn. Haji Ramli B Din. Tn. Haji, my principal was very interested to set-up a smart-partnership with a Japanese school.

 19 August 2009

A big thank you to the Penang Education Department for sponsoring me to the third International Science and Mathematics Education Conference held at SEAMEO RECSAM.

Calculus lesson, 5 Amanah class of 2008


I do not consider myself as teachers but rather more like educators as I do not wish to let my students leave the school without acquiring certain skills other than good in Additional Mathematics. I am exploring the problem based learning approach in Mathematics. I studied and observed my students discussion and planning and suggesting ways to solve everyday problems using mathematical concepts that they have acquired.

8 September 2009 5 Budiman


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