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I was chosen by a group of lecturers from USM in a benchmarking process to renew the USM Education Department for its APEC status. The Head of  Teacher Education Services from  the International Baccalaureate Organization UK, Mr. Mark Watterson came to observe my class. There was an interview followed by an observation. He was very impressed with the teaching and learning process. USM got their renewed status for APEC

 15 October 2009 5 Budiman

I have the privileged to be invited by SEAMEO RECSAM to be a facilitator and a mathematics IT consultant to a group of teachers and educators from the African countries. My assignment was to teach them how to integrate Microsoft Office Applications in Mathematics. I taught them Excel and I have created several modules for them using Excel. This course was organized by Japan International Corp Agency and the Malaysian Tech. Cooperation Prog.

5 to 30 October 2009

This year, I guided my students to study about climate change due to Global warming in relation to the application of Mathematics. I conducted a lesson on Integrating Climate Change and Energy n Mathematics with the students. This time, I invited specialist from SEAMEO RECSAM and two of my colleagues to observe my teaching (Lesson study style). We found that the temperature of Penang has risen by several degrees over a period of 53 years. Green house effect and Carbon foot-print was discussed in the lesson.

12 Feb. 2010 4 Budiman


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