Scaffolding The Future


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A group discussion after the lesson, the mathematics specialists from SEAMEO RECSAM and two of my colleagues sat down and discuss how the lesson could be improved. My students have learned much and the knowledge that they have acquired have made much impact in their lives. A survey was issued after the lesson on what benefits have they obtained from the lesson.

5 Budiman - 12 Feb. 2010

Lesson in the form of a game, quizes to be exact. Who wants to be a mathematicians? Students are arranged into groups of 4s or 5s. The students from each group select a question from the Powerpoint panel and were given a certain period of time to finish. After that period, a student from the group must come up to the whiteboard and teach the class. If he cannot, then the question is open to other groups. Points will be alloated accordingly.

4 Cekal - 24 Feb 2010


Professional Development for all Master Teachers in Penang held at the Education District Office. The topic of my discussion was, "How to intergrade ICT in the teaching and learning process" It was well attended and the response was good, but some said that it may not be possible in some of their respective schools

25 Feb. 2010 (Thursday)


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