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Smart-partnership programme has enabled Penang Free School and SEAMEO RECSAM to introduce teachers and Educators from all over the Asian countries about Penang Free School. I was the coordinator for this visit and Tn. Haji Ramli B Din posing together with the delegates

25 April 2011

Again from God's blessing and the kind hearts of the PPD and JPN officers, I was chosen to receive the Guru Cemerlang Mutiara Pulau Pinang Award. An award given to teachers who have contributed much to the school, society, state and the nation. Thanks everyone.
Two teachers was chosen, one from the Technical School and I represented the Government National Type School.

July 2011

4D students trying out questions

This year 2012, I was asked to teach two Form four classes. 4Budiman is a science class with an additional account subject while 4 Delima is a science class without any extra subject. This is one of my student in 4Delima trying to solve for the turning point using completing the square method.
I noticed that students who obtained an A for PMR for Mathematics will not be necessary good in Add. Maths.
From my perspective, an A for PMR is equivalent to 40 marks in Add Maths scale.

17 Jan 2012

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