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I presented an International Conference paper entitled, "Incorporating Human Values Based- Water Education in Mathematics" during the 2nd CosMed held at SEAMEO RECSAM.(13 to 16 Nov. 2007)
I also co-written another paper  entitled "Redefining Mathematics class-room" incorporating global project- Project Based Learning

 International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education

I was the National trainner for the HWVSHE programme sponsored by United Nation. I together with several master teacher were priviledge to be given the opportunity to share our knowledge with some 30 representatives.(Roughly two rep. from each State). Here I am teaching the representatives how to use the "Hot Potatoes" Softwares to create quizes on-line.

Trainer of Trainers Programme held in  RESCAM (28 to 31Jan 08)

Testing out the lesson plan on HWVSHE into practice. I was disscussing with students from Al Mansoor Lelaki about water rationing and how human values is important for their survival. My team comprises several participants from the asian countries.
In this project, I created an electronic spreadsheet to calculate the household water consumption which is related to Mathematics.

Matematics Project Based Learning using ICT (23 May 07)


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