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I was conducting an proffesional development for the Master Teachers of Penang in the State Resource Centre at Pokok Sena. I thought the teachers a very popular on-line quiz creator - "Hot Potatoes". With this skills, I hope that more teachers will be motivated to upload their quizes in their respective website and thus helps students and teachers in the proses of teaching and learning.

18 Feb. 2008

Introducing microsoft agents to the master teachers after the "Hot Potatoes" lesson. Microsoft agents if use creatively is able to make our teaching and learning fun. It employs animated cute characters that can move, gesture and talk. Students will love it especially the primary or the lower secondary school students. The software that I use was MASH microsoft agents and its fantastics. I used it once in my Addmaths website as one of the talking avatar to guide visitors.      

18 Feb. 2008


I was conducting a professional development for my fellow colleagues in our computer lab. Here, I thought them "Hot Potatoes" with the hope that I can motivate some to upload some quizes on line as part of their professional resume. This was also part of the PPSMI programme to get all the science and mathematics teacher IT savvy.

Sometime in 2007 Under Pn. Yew Lee Hiang as Head of Science Dept.


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