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As teachers, we sometimes are not able to reach out to everybody in the class, even if we try. Our approach and the way we present an ideas may not be easy for all students to comprehend. By giving extra classes may not help at all because the methodology and explanation are still the same. Approach has to vary and be innovative. Here I employ the Buddy Support structure to enable better students to help weaker ones. Peers some how are better teachers!

 Buddy Support in progress 5 Elit Students 2007   Resource room

Although buddy support structure is good but sometimes it does not work for other groups of students. Here I uses cooperative learning or group studies. Where better students still coach the weaker ones, but here they all work as a team. Team spiriti is introduce here.

5 Elti Students 2007 - Resource centre


This same methods when executed in a better class. Wow! Its like magic! Everybody is so motivated, every group worked so hard and excited hoping and stiriving to beat the other groups to see who is able to answer the most number of questions and of course correctly. Some of my students here are already established Engineers in Australia yet another one is a doctor in Ireland. I hope they still remember me.

5 Budiman students 2007 - Resource centre


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