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Sometimes after a topic, I would conduct a short test but with a twist. My students are made to sit in a bid circle with a question on the chair. The students are allow a period of 12 minutes before a sound signal is made for exchanging papers in an anticlockwise manner. (whether they have finished or not answering the question). My students like it as it is not a test of their wits but more so a test against time.

 5 Budiman class of 2007

This approach is like a round-robin approach. The students solve a set of questions in each station and were given 15 minutes before going to the next station. This methods involves leadership skills, collaborative and cooperative efforts besides time management skills and some grey matter. Note all students in the same stations attempts the same set of questions.

A little diagnostic test before the SPM Trial Exam 2007


It must be a Wednesday as the students are all wearing their respective curriculum uniform. Here another group effort but this time is a quiz where the questions are shown through Power point presentation. My student who wore the Wunshu uniform graduated as a Lawyer but later chose to be a teacher. Good for him and all the best.

5 Budiman 2007


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