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Effective teaching need not be in the lab, resource centre or even outside of the classroom. If the lesson is well planned and enough work is given to the students with constant supervision, it can be just as effective. Work are given to students to keep them busy and this automatically will reduce the noise level, stray thoughts, and having the constant urge to go out of the class to do something else.

 5 Elit Class 2007

Sometimes ICT approach is good to capture the students' attention when the traditional methods of chalk and talk approach seems to wear them down. The good rule to teaching is to vary your pase, vary your approach and vary the enviroment and make sure that your teaching involves everyone. I uses a few mathematics software that best suit the topic. FX Draw,FX Graph, GSP, Excel and Algebrator just to list a few.

5 Elit Class 2007


This is the first Academic subject notice board in school. Initiated by me in 2007. Today, 2012 it is still the only one. The only regret is that I am not able to update the board content regularly. I managed to update the contents twice or three times a year. How I wish I could have the time in this matter.

The first and only Additional Mathematics Bulletin Board 2007


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