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Teaching the entire length of the allocated periods is never encouraged as the students' mind will almost automatically disengaged after 30 minutes. A good teaching and learning process involves students as it should be (Student Centered) This means that students must participate in the proses either giving suggestions, teaching the class or demonstrating a concept to the class. Here my students uses Excel to  solve a Linear Programming problem while the rest listen.

 5 Budiman class of 2007

Lab and ICT unavailable? A good white board and a good question can still be as effective. Here my students shares with the class his ideas, his methods and also answering many questions hurled at him. (Poor boy). I am very impressed with my student who is able to explain to the class a circular measure question very well.

4 Amanah 2007


Excel spreadsheet anyone? My students are very familiar with it as they uses it to prepare answers that they will have to present in a few minutes time. One is a doctor now, the other is risk analysis engineer. Good human capitals is not only measured by the number of A's has but on how well it is able to utilized the acquired skills to help in the global stage.

Creating GLOCAL students


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