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Class as usual after the school Inter-sport house event. Some of the students have left for the School Choral Speaking Competition. Those around will still have a proper lesson as it is their right to learn. Penang Free School students like challenging questions if the question given by the teacher is too easy, they will say that it is an insult to their intelligent. Here Phang Zi Yang is solving an inverse function problem.

 4 Cekal 19 Mac 2008

These are my Mathematics Elective Team.
Mr.David Ch'ng Yeang Soon (Add. Maths) Panel Head
Mr.Khor Bean Hwa (Maths T) Head of Department
Mr. Woo Kok Ho (Maths T)
Mr. Lim Weng Seong (Maths T)
Mr. Ng Seong Tat (Maths S)
Ms. Vijaya a/p Arjunan (Add Maths)
Mr. Abdul Samad (Add Maths) Head of Department - Abs.

29 March 2008


My students trying to compare their results with the graph plotted by the spreadsheet.From the two answers they will be able to judge for themselves how accurate their best lines are. I created an application just for this lesson so that the students can see the actual graph and give their comments.

28 March 2008


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