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Creating a simple website for your own subject

Dear Teachers,
Many teachers today have blogs, through these websites, they are able to communicate and reach out to others.
Blogs a type of website are template driven and thus easier to create and maintain.
Since blogs are templates driven, it limits your creativity and it is difficult to get that "personal touches" that a full website offers.

Many teachers shy away from having their own website because they thought that it is difficult to learn as it involves html, a type of browser language.
The good news is that many website creator software that are in the market today, offers template driven website and what one needs to do is to drag and drop and PRESTO! everything will be automatically arranged for you.
So much for the introduction,
These workshops, again depending on the number of participants, will be conducted during the December holidays in Penang Free School, Block H.
If you are interested, please contact Mr. David Ch'ng at :
Please state the following:
1. Name (full)
2. Sex: Male or Female
3. School you are presently teaching
4. Subjects you are teaching - preferably Additional Mathematics
5. Form 4, Form 5 or both
6. Contact Number
7. Indicate which workshop you are interested.
Those who have registered with Mr. David Ch'ng will be updated about the workshop from time to time.
This workshop is free as it is part of my community service to the teachers in Penang.
Thank you

David Ch'ng
27 August 2012

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